Volunteer expeditions
on the Kenya coast

The abundant coastline of Kilifi county is a marine biodiversity hotspot. Kuruwitu’s volunteer project is based around a beautiful, unexplored reef, just north of Mombasa, centred on diving excursions (in season), snorkeling and focused research.


The sustainable programme is as much built around the coast, as it is the community. Sheriani village sits just behind the sandy beaches. Volunteers work to educate children about their impact on the ocean and advance our work supplying alternative employment to those villagers choosing to help preserve their family’s traditional ways of life.

Whatever your background in marine biology or experience in conservation, we value your help to further better our impact on the environment that we are working to protect. Rising sea temperatures, overfishing and lack of awareness threaten the vast array of threatened species currently dwelling in and around our reef.

Our team works with you in basic science and conservation training; skills which you will then put into practice in expeditions, both in the sea and on shore, for five days a week, engaging with an array of vital projects. Saturdays are reserved for more leisurely work and Sundays are left free to allow you to explore and truly get to know this fascinating part of the world.

Please join us in our community-driven, sustainable, pioneering project year-round for a period of 3-12 weeks

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