Volunteer expeditions
on the Kenya coast

The abundant coastline of Kilifi county is a marine biodiversity hotspot. Kuruwitu’s volunteer project is based around a beautiful, unexplored reef, just north of Mombasa, centred on diving excursions (in season), snorkeling and focused research.

Long white beach

Kuruwitu’s volunteer programme is based around a beautiful, unexplored reef, and marine biodiversity hotspot just north of Mombasa. The programme is situated at the Kuruwitu Conservation and Welfare Association (KCWA), Vipingo.

KCWA was set up as the first Locally Managed Marine Area in Kenya has become a model to 20 other communities along the coast. They were winners of the 2017 Equator prize.

You will be able to get some first hand marine conservation experience and to fully understand the real threats to our oceans.

Rising sea temperatures, overfishing and lack of awareness threaten the vast array of threatened species currently dwelling in and around our reef.

Volunteers will also work to educate children about their impact on the ocean, and advance our work in developing alternative income generation to those villagers choosing to help preserve their family’s traditional ways of life.

Volunteers can participate in Marine field work, protecting turtles, improving fishing techniques, permaculture, local educational programmes, and coral gardening.

Please join us in our community-driven, sustainable, pioneering project year-round for a minimum period of 2 weeks.

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