Ocean Alive partnerships
Collaboration that provides expertise

Oceans Alive work in collaboration with specific partners to provide expertise where required in to establish or maintain CCAs.


The State Department of Fisheries, Kenya Wildlife Service, BMU’s and community groups, beach residents, private investors, research institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) The EAWLS, WCS, Coastal Rural Development Organization (CRDO), COMRED, LamCOT, Wiomsa, Cordio,  and Africa Nature Organization (ANO) Kuruwitu conservation and welfare association (KCWA), Ocean sole, Bridge international, WMA, Safaricom, IUCN, Nema, Kemfri, Ocean Sole, the LMMA network.


In order to be effective in understanding and consequently helping existing and future CCA’s one of the initial steps will be to send a team to establish some of the following;

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